Chris has been interested in music since a very early age. He wrote his first song, which was charted out by a family friend, when he was nine years old. (It wasn’t particularly good or anything…and the only known proof of it’s existence are the four pages or so of it’s written score, housed in a safe belonging to Chris’ mom.) Since then Chris has written and recorded literally hundreds of songs. He is the founding member of Alberta’s own, Captain Tractor, one of the province’s most successful independent groups ever, selling tens of thousands of CDs and touring all over the world since its inception in 1993. He’s released two solo records and performs frequently as solo artist and with his solo project band.

In 2005, Chris teamed up with fellow songwriter and sometimes collaborator JAMES MURDOCH and opened the NORWOOD STUDIO. Since then the two have produced and engineered recordings for dozens of artists including: the Scenic Route to Alaska, the Wheat Pool, Amy Seeley, Dana Wylie and Adam Gregory.